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A state-of the-art Operating block

The new surgical pavilion at the Clinique des Grangettes contains an operating block and five fully digitised operating theatres.

One particular feature of this new block is the creation of a single, unique zone for anaesthesia – with three work stations – for all five operating suites. There were two reasons for this design: it simplifies the service, with shorter times between interventions, and also makes them more efficient.

“The new set-up allows us to have identical operating rooms with the same technical features,“ says Elodie Thorens, who manages the operating block. “This is a great advantage in terms of convenience and safety. Naturally, the main beneficiary of these changes is the patient.” Safety inside the block is always a major priority, and it was obviously a core concern for the project designers. The added value of the new rooms lies in the enhanced comfort provided by the areas used for surgery: they are spacious, pleasant and emanate tranquillity. “All the rooms have been configured to allow us to work methodicallyand ergonomically. The organisation of the block has become even more efficient,” says Elodie Thorens.

Dr. Laurent Höhn, a specialist in anaesthesiology and pain management, agrees: “More space, more calm, and more convenience for work: it’s just perfect for receiving the patient! Moreover, it has increased our care capacity by 25%.” Dr. Höhn and many of his colleagues were consulted frequently in order to conceive the best possible furbishing of the block. Like many specialists in his discipline, he finds it easy to “adapt” to changes, especially when those changes are for the better. When discussing the new operating block, he insists particularly on another aspect: perfect tracking of computerised medical records at the Grangettes – transversally (care history) and longitudinally (history of hospital stays) – which is a key working tool. This means that the Clinique now has an operating block featuring the latest in technological advances.

“There is total traceability of the patient’s history. For example, the data from an operation will be recorded in its entirety and preserved.” This once again illustrates the ever greater personalisation of care at the Grangettes, and it is in perfect harmony with the philosophy promulgated by the institution since its start. At the Clinique, however, the human factor remains at the heart of everything beyond all other considerations.

The advantages of the digital operating block

The new surgical facilities at the Clinique des Grangettes are equipped with an integrated and digital operating block system. The principle is as follows: The patient’s medical records, including all X-rays, can be displayed on screens in the suite. This guarantees total medical traceability thanks to the digitization and systematic storing of data. The material itself is mounted onto the walls, the floors and ceilings, while ensuring that all instruments are functioning perfectly. All the factors that affect surgical interventions can therefore be better controlled by the surgeon. “The digital operating block at the Clinique is very versatile. Plus, it uses latestgeneration technologies like the newest lithotriptor designed to treat kidney stones, or the Da Vinci robot, a machine controlled by the surgeon to perform operations mainly in the region of the abdomen,” Elodie Thorens stresses.

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